Investing in our Children / Invirtiendo en Nuestros Niños

Triple P

Why the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)?

Parenting is very rewarding and enjoyable and it can also be challenging and exhausting. There is no one right way to be a parent – it is up to you to decide what values, skills and behaviors you want to encourage in your child. 

Triple P offers information, support and practical answers to common, everyday parenting concerns. It provides easy-to-use tips and new ideas that will help you build confidence and new skills.

What Triple P Teaches

The Triple P program is built on five principles of positive parenting:

  1. Ensuring a safe, interesting environment
  2. Creating a positive learning environment
  3. Using assertive discipline
  4. Having realistic expectations
  5. Taking care of yourself as a parent


Triple P offers parenting information and tips in four main areas:

    1. Developing positive relationships
    2. Encouraging desirable behavior
    3. Teaching children new behaviors and skills
    4. Managing misbehavior


    Triple P Supports Every Parent and Family


    Whether you want a quick tip on how to handle a specific issue, some ideas on how to promote your child's development, or help with more complex family issues, a trained practitioner can tailor Triple P to suit your needs.

    Over 80 practitioners are ready to provide Triple P services that will meet your family’s needs.

    If you are looking for:

    Then you may be interested in:

    General information on positive parenting

    Triple P Seminars

    Available in a series of 3 covering the following topics:

    • The Power of Positive Parenting
    • Raising Confident, Competent Children
    • Raising Resilient Children


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    Brief assistance for specific parenting issues

    Triple P Workshops

    Get tips for handling everyday parenting situations such as encouraging sharing, establishing bedtime routines and handling tantrums. 


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    Triple P Brief Consultations

    Learn strategies for handling specific parenting situations through individual consultations with a practitioner (1-4 sessions) or in a group with other families (4 sessions).


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    In-depth assistance with parenting concerns

    Group Triple P

    Get in-depth information and support in a group setting with other families (8 sessions)


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    Individual Triple P

    Work one-on-one with a practitioner to get in-depth information and support that is tailored to your family’s needs (10+ sessions).


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    Additional support for other family issues

    Parents who have completed Individual or Group Triple P can receive additional parenting support from a practitioner if they would like help with:

    • Managing their own emotions
    • Improving communication and teamwork with a parenting partner



    Additional Features:   


    This program is made possible through a partnership between
    First 5 Santa Cruz County,
    Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency (MHSA-Prop. 63) &
    Santa Cruz County Human Services Department.