Investing in our Children / Invirtiendo en Nuestros Niños

Services are Family Friendly

First 5 Santa Cruz County works in partnership with several public and private organizations to ensure that children and families receive coordinated, high quality, family-friendly services.  The Service Integration Project is a concentrated effort to address key problems that lead to fragmented services, such as

  • a lack of shared knowledge about available resources within and across agencies
  • inconsistent quality of customer service within and across agencies
  • a lack of coordinated case management across agencies

The Service Integration Project provides systematic opportunities for organizations to work toward greater integration through activities focused on:

For more information, contact First 5’s service integration consultant, Nicole Young.

Joint Training

First 5 Santa Cruz County sponsors trainings and other events in order to build a common level of knowledge and skills across agencies serving children and families.

Brown Bag Lunches
The Service Integration Brown Bag Lunches are brief, semi-structured trainings on topics that are critical to enhancing job performance and building relationships among staff at different agencies.  They are forums to receive targeted information, build essential skills and network with colleagues from other agencies. 

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Customer Service

Partners in the Service Integration Project have adopted a common set of standards and practices for providing high-quality service to all of their customers.  Trainings and technical assistance are offered as a means to help organizations develop shared knowledge and common practices regarding customer service.  Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that children and families who are seeking assistance receive the same high-quality service no matter where they go.       

Click here for a list of documents that have been created to support organizations’ efforts to continuously improve the quality of their customer service.

Integrated Case Management

In November 2005, a group of 13 public and private agencies formally established the Santa Cruz County Integrated Children's Services Program (SCC ICSP), enabling member agencies to act as a multi-disciplinary team to plan and provide services together for children and their families.

Members of the SCC ICSP use a common confidentiality protocol and single Release of Information Form in order to communicate about shared clients and provide services that are more coordinated, accessible and responsive. 

Additional Resources

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