Investing in our Children / Invirtiendo en Nuestros Niños

Santa Cruz Reading Corps

Santa Cruz Reading Corps tutors know growth.

They see it in the children they support.

They grow along with them.


Right now, nearly three in five Santa Cruz third-graders are failing to reach basic levels of literacy. The Santa Cruz Reading Corps serves in preschool and Transitional Kindergarten classrooms, with children from age 3 to 5, to embed research-based early literacy strategies, the SEEDS of Early Literacy. 


Santa Cruz Reading Corps tutors support identified children at risk of third grade reading failure by providing them with these daily, research-based interventions, ultimately guiding them to become successful readers.


“Reading proficiency by the end of third grade…can be a make-or-break benchmark in a child’s educational
– Annie E. Casey Foundation

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Watch a video about how Reading Corps works:


Early Learners Are Ready for Kindergarten


In return for nine month service commitment, Santa Cruz Reading
Corps tutors receive:

  • An education award of up to $2,882
  • A living allowance stipend of $580 paid twice a month
  • Professional development training and opportunities
  • The pride of knowing you have given young readers the chance to succeed


As a Santa Cruz Reading Corps tutor, you must commit to 9 months of AmeriCorps service (September through May), completing 900 hours service (a minimum of 30 hours/week).  Service with the Santa Cruz Reading Corps also includes several opportunities to participate in National Service projects throughout these nine months.


For more information, please contact Christine Sieburg, (831) 465-2208 .

















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Here is a recent interview with a Santa Cruz Reading Corps tutor: