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Get regular eye exams

It is recommended for a child to get their eyes checked by 6 months of age.


Know what insurance covers

Most insurance plans (including Medi-Cal) include vision care for children under the age of 19.

Contact your insurance company for coverage details.


Fix broken glasses

If your child’s glasses break or are lost, check with your insurance provider about obtaining a replacement.


Give eyes time to adjust

After getting new glasses, your child will need time to get used to them. If he/she talks about seeing worse than before, give it some time. Your child’s vision will get better after wearing the glasses for a couple of weeks. If issues continue, then talk to your eye doctor.


Talk to your child’s teacher

Tell your child’s teacher that your child was given glasses. It is very important that your child wears their glasses at school. Ask your child’s  teacher to help you make sure this happens.

Learn more about how to support your child's new glasses in these flyers in English and Spanish.

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