Baby Gateway Newborn Enrollment Program 

Santa Cruz County’s newborns are getting connected to medical care

First 5 Santa Cruz County’s Baby Gateway Newborn Enrollment Program visits ALL moms that deliver at our three local hospitals to make sure that ALL newborns in our county have health coverage.  Our Newborn Enrollment Coordinator (NEC) assists with:

  • Enrolling a MC covered mother’s newborn into MC. Form completed allows the newborn to access full-scope MC coverage for one year.

  • Adding the newborn to the family’s existing CalFresh case.

  • Connecting the newborn to a Primary Care Physician.

  • Helping new moms make their baby’s first well visit appointment. NEC keeps an updated list of doctors who are accepting new MC patients.

  • ALL moms seen are provided with a First 5 Kit for New Parents.

We are excited to announce that we have incorporated two new programs to share with families.

Families now have the opportunity to sign up for a state-wide student identification number (SSID) and a Semillitas program. 

State-wide student identification number (SSID): We offer parents the opportunity to complete the necessary paperwork for their child to be assigned a SSID. The process of assigning a child with an SSID is not new. This unique ID is needed to keep track of a child's individual information once he enters school. Over the years, more children are attending pre-kinder programs, and like other counties, ours feels it's essential to keep track of this information. So in an effort to keep track of this schooling, our County Office of Education has decided to provide SSIDs when a child is born. Parents at all three hospitals are now given the opportunity to sign up for a SSID before they are discharged from the hospital. Learn more:


Semillitas: We share information about the Semillitas program at each newborn visit. Semillitas, a program of Santa Cruz Community Ventures, welcomes every newborn into our community with love, support, and commitment by investing in their future from birth.  Santa Cruz Community Ventures automatically opens Children’s Savings Accounts for all Santa Cruz County newborns. These accounts improve the social-emotional wellbeing of both newborns and mothers, build dedicated educational funds for our local babies’ futures and lay a foundational path of hope and possibility for all Santa Cruz County newborns. Learn more:

For Parents:

If you recently delivered your baby and went home without enrolling your baby in health insurance

please see the flyers below for additional Medi-Cal enrollment support:

Smiling Baby

Learn more about the First Tooth First Birthday Campaign in Santa Cruz County

"As a new mom you are going to come across new challenges and things that are overwhelming. However, thanks to the Baby Gateway Newborn Enrollment Program, obtaining health coverage for your newborn will not be one of these things.

Our program makes obtaining Medi-Cal and finding a PCP a smooth process. Newborn Enrollment Coordinators are at hospitals to assist with completing appropriate paperwork and connecting you with all the key resources you need to be successful."

- Alicia F. Health Outreach and Enrollment Manager

First 5 Santa Cruz County