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First 5 Santa Cruz County Commissioners:

The Commission consists of nine members authorized to administer and allocate Santa Cruz County's Prop 10 funds. Commissioners represent county government, health, social services, early care and education and communities across the County.

Toni Campbell, Ph.D., Chair

Department of Child & Adolescent Development Emerita, San Jose State University

Representing 1st District Supervisor Koenig

Dr. Faris Sabbah, Vice Chair

County Superintendent of Schools

At-large representative 

Jen Herrera, Secretary

Assistant Director, Health Services Agency

Representing the Health Services Agency

Johanna Schonfield

Assistant District Attorney

Representing 2nd District Supervisor Friend

Supervisor Bruce McPherson

5th District Supervisor


Dr. Raelene Walker

Director, Pediatric Center of Excellence at

Santa Cruz Community Health

Representing 5th District Supervisor McPherson

Kimberly Petersen

Deputy Director, Human Services Department

Representing the Human Services Department

Upcoming First 5 Santa Cruz County Commission meetings: 

“Our job at First 5 is to help stitch this system together and to do everything possible to ensure that it is equitably available to all children in our county, no matter their zip code, no matter their race or ethnicity. The work we do is grounded in what we know every young child needs, and every parent wants for their child: access to health care, positive and meaningful relationships, and high-quality early learning experiences, all in the context of a system that equitably cares for and supports all children and families in our community.”

- Toni Campbell, PhD, Chair of the

First 5 Santa Cruz County Commission. 

Mother and Son
Kids Blowing Bubbles
Image by Kelly Sikkema

"A vital and productive society with a prosperous and sustainable future is built on a foundation of
healthy child development. Health in the earliest years lays the groundwork for a lifetime of vitality. 
Experiences during the first few years of life – good and bad – literally shape the architecture of
the developing brain. Stable, positive relationships with adults and growth-promoting experiences are
keys to the development of the architecture that forms the foundation for all future learning, behavior,
and health. When we invest wisely in children and families, the next generation will pay that back
through a lifetime of productivity and responsible citizenship."           
The Harvard Center for the Developing Child

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