SEEDS of Learning

Since the founding of the Early Learning Foundations initiative in 2006‐07, over 655 early childhood educators have been trained in the SEEDS of Learning 2009© framework throughout Santa Cruz County. This number includes SEEDS‐trained early childhood educators, transitional kindergarten teachers, family child care providers, and early literacy tutors (Santa Cruz Reading Corps). Our county's early childhood educators are working to ensure their children are on target for kindergarten readiness by using evidence-based early literacy strategies, receiving coaching, and integrating materials into their learning environments.

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 “The SEEDS of Learning has given me the powerful knowledge and tools in supporting children’s language and literacy development.”

- SEEDS of Learning Student

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 “Children are able to develop their literacy skills because of the effectiveness of creating a literacy-rich schedule and including embedded and explicit activities in the daily routine.”

- SEEDS of Learning Student

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The seeds of literacy are planted before children enter school. Important literacy skills do not develop spontaneously, instruction shapes them.”

(Snow, Burns & Griffin, 1998)